Friday, June 24, 2016

StyleWe Reviews - Mid Season Sale Up to 50%!!!

Welcome to StyleWe reviews, the followings are reviews from StyleWe shoppers:

“Queen Mulok!”
Am the girl called Annie! The floral designer dress by Queen Mulok is all I live for now and I will surely order more from stylewe.

“Want more!”
Stylewe always have what I want in clothes and with them I know I will never be disappointed!

I have always been inlove withElenyun designer clothes and the black three quarter sleeve V-neck blouse is so far my favorite. Upon making the the order, I wasn’t expecting the product to be delivered  as fast as it got to be. Their shipping is FAST  and it was at my door before I blinked twice (you know what I mean). Silk  is always my material!  It gives me shivers, in a good manner! Need a new buy now!

“forever loved”
The p;ierced crew neckthree quarter sleeve H-line simple cropped jacket  I ordered is my best buy this season ! The color is magnificent and exactly as shown in the site! I  have always loved polyester because the material is superb and I cannot complain. It can pass for both formal and informal  wear, and I am very pleased with the product. Furthermore, the  jacket design is to die for and stylewe is always where I will live to shop.

Stylewe never disappoints! They cannot disappoint even if they try.I have ordered more than fiveproducts and I have always been ecstatic with the service. I just made an order for a magnetic casual cowhide leather mini crossbody designer handbag and am very satisfied. The polyester lining  material is warm and comfortable. The red pop of color of the flower design on it  brings out the skin tone.  They have affordable designer products that any girl would die for.

“they are just being mean!”
People just have to write bad reviews but I don’t agree with them, I have shopped  on stylewe for as long as I can remember and they always fascinate me! I always fall inlove with my purchases. The products are always quality and the materials are perfect! I will never forsake them.

“Don’t change”
I just started shopping stylewe after my friend told me about it! The purple floral print casual wide leg pants I purchased are just wow! The material is comfortable on the skin and the flare of the pants is marvelous. The fit is also greats. Stylewe people don’t change and continue being marvelous for this new buyer!

“happy accident!”
Best  shopping experience! So many products to choose from! The flash sale is my best discount experience in all my shopping experience. I thought it was a joke and when I placed orders on different prices and got this silly discount on all the products I almost shouted out. Although I had to wait a long while to place the orders, the dresses I bought had more than 50% discount on them. Floral print dresses, free dresses, cocktail dresses, all of them are available! The waiting online experience to wait for the purchase time to arrive is tiresome but worthwhile. Once your order is made and online payment is done at the discounted price, the products arrive fast and they are exactly as they depicted. All my dresses were a perfect fit and size and the colors were as good as I expected. I will surely make a repeat order here.

“best service”
I made an order but the dress did not fit me; I was oblivious on  how to make the return order but found a way. The representative they have  on the site helped me a great deal by answering all  my questions well and helping me sign in and place the return order. As soon as I made the return I got another dress that fit me as well as I wanted and now am very happy and satisfied. I usually do not have the time to go shopping as being a working mother takes up most of my time ; stylewe is the place I will forever get my products from.! They complete me!

“my baby was happy!”
My girlfriend always thinks and breathes clothes!. And because I live to make her happy. Because  I wasn’t going to be caught dead in any lady’s store looking at the products, I had to surf and I found stylewe..i had so many items to choose from that would make her happy. The prices are very affordable and I orderd for a handbag, some pants, a dress and a blouse so that she can have a variety and chill on her cravings for a while. The products arrived too fast. The happiness she potrayed at rfeceiving the clothes was all I needed to ensure that I will make a repeat purchase here. Am not really stressed as I know stylewe got my back.! Keep up thegood work guys.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Health is the most important aspect of life. Fitness with good diet goes hand in hand to foster health. Women as well as men have to be fit to enjoy a better life. As we all know, working out needs one to be comfortable and in the right attire. The following are the best workout tanks for women for every type of workout you want to do at the place you want to do it:

·  During Yoga
For that comfortable position, a yoga tank top should be drapey, have a design with straps on the back and openings for the arms at a low position to let you switch the your position from the chair position to a more inward flexible position . It has a supportive in-built bra to help in this too.

· When Running 
When taking a run, a woman needs a looser but body fitting tank top. It has to have a skin feel. Ensure that it has elements that reflect light so you can be safe.

· In  the gym
Going to the gym is not my favorite activity. As much as I am not in love with it, I have to once in a while. The best workout tanks for women at the gym have to have a racer back. This enables you to easily you to easily lift weights. Also, it has to have a mullet hemline that will keep the backside covered during bending and squatting.

· For stretching
A good stretch is a must have every now and then. A seamless padded sports bra is the ultimate choice here. It is very comfortable and durable and can serve you when you getting that stretch in preparation for any sporty activity you have in mind.

· During golf game
Some people view golf as more of a leisure activity. Golf is as much a sport as a work out activity. The best tank top for a golf game is a polo neck sleeveless tank top coupled with a cap.

Those are the different types of women workout tank tops for the different workout regimes. As we know, tank tops are not worn without an accompanying clothe. 

The following are the complementary clothes to wear with your tank top:
· Put on a pair of tights for that workout regime you love.
· Wear the tan top with a pair of cute sweat pants that are comfortable yet fit for working out.
· You can also wear workout tank tops with a pair of tight biker shorts for that great workout.
· Also, a pair of loose fitting booty shorts goes well for that work out session you love every day.
· Ensure you have comfortable sports sneakers that will support you and keep you comfy through the whole work out session.
· A work out jacket is also a great buy to cover yourself up after that workout so that you do not look weird walking around the streets in a tank top.

Am sure with these simple tips your workout session will be great and very interesting. Go out there, exercise and be fit while looking dope!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Dressing 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Floral Maxi Dresses

Summer is here. This is the perfect season for going to the beach, enjoying lots of ice cream and of course, wearing floral dresses. For sure, you will see flowers blooming everywhere—in the park, in the forest, in your garden and even in the fashion industry. There is no denying it—floral maxi dresses are the trend this season.

If you have a closet filled with floral maxi dresses, you would surely want to know how you can style it perfectly. To help you that, we have compiled some of the styling do’s and don’ts that you need to know:

•    Do wear a belt with the same shade.
Wearing a belt is a great idea to make you look sexier in your maxi dress. Opt for a slim belt with the same shade as the flowers in your dress and avoid wide belts in colorful shades. If your dress has way too many colors, just simply choose a belt that is the same as the prominent color of your dress. If your dress only has two colors, you can choose to go with a belt in neutral shades (black, white, brown, gray and tan). This is the same rule that you should follow when choosing your bag.

•    Do not put on chunky and loud accessories.
The floral patterns of this type of dresses are colorful and adding chunky accessories in loud colors will just overload the entire look. Avoid wearing statement pieces because it will take the attention off your floral dress and you will surely not want that. When choosing accessories for your floral dress, we recommend that you opt for something simple, cute and delicate. The best accessory would be gold or silver necklace with a charming pendant. If you wish to wear earrings, ditch the hook earrings and opt for studs instead. 

•    Do pair it with nude accessories. 
When it comes to choosing an accessory for your floral dress, it is best that you keep it to a minimum. The floral patterns and the length of your dress are already eye-catching enough. Adding chunky accessories will surely make your outfit look over the top. Avoid floral printed shoes and clutch and opt for neutral colors instead. If you are in doubt, a pair of white or black pumps will always work. 

•    Do not forget your hat and scarf.
Summer season is the perfect excuse to put on your hat. A wide brimmed hat and a floral pattern are made for each other. They greatly complement each other and the hat can help protect your face and skin from the harmful rays of the sun. If you plan on wearing your floral maxi dress during the winter season, putting a scarf on your neck will make your outfit look more stylish and at the same time, keep you warm. 
With its perfect combination of colors, exquisite floral patterns and the perfect hem length, we cannot deny the fact that floral maxi dresses are the perfect summer dresses. Look like a goddess this summer season by following the styling do’s and don’ts we have provided above.   

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Stylewe Reviews - Styling a Dress 3 Ways

The followings are reviews from StyleWe Customers:

“Stylewe finally has an app! I love it! I love that I can just simply use it to browse and shop while I am on my ride home. It makes shopping really easy. Oh, and thanks for the 20% discount too. I love love love it!”

“This is the first time that I will shop at Stylewe and I was surprised to receive a 10% discount coupon upon signing up! I will surely come back for more!”

“It is my first time to attend a rave party and I have no idea what I should wear. My friends told me that I can pick anything punky. At that time, my budget is running low so I am hoping that there will be something that will fit within my budget. Thanks to Stylewe’s flash sale, I was able to put up my outfit and I even won the Star of the Night!”

“I love how artistic and stylish the designers that Stylewe is in partnership with. They give so many varieties to the product selection. In addition to that, I love how the site keeps on adding and recruiting more designers for their site. The selection just keeps on getting better and better.”

“I love all things fun and flirty so you can just imagine how happy I am when I came across Just Star’s collection on the site. The bags look just like the bags I used to bring to school when I was little girl. The only difference is they are a lot more stylish!”

“I was planning my trip to Korea last December and I realized that I have no winter clothing pieces that will make me look like a rock star. Since I am a big fan of Kpop, I would like to take the opportunity to have an excuse to wear something flashy (because it is really not my style). Their black biker jacket from WFST is just what I needed!”

“I have gotten quite fat so I need a wardrobe makeover. I visited Stylewe and was amazed at the beautiful selection of clothes that they have for their clients. I went crazy buying dresses and some office attire. Before I knew it, I already have 10 pieces of clothes in my shopping cart. Lucky for me, all of the clothes are reasonably priced.”

“I am an avid fan of shopping online. It is quick. It is easy and I can just simply squeeze it in my very hectic schedule. My work schedule is jam packed so I have no time to visit the mall and look for new clothes. That is why I just usually visit different shopping sites to satisfy my shopping cravings. It was just recently that I tried out this site and man, oh, man! I am already in love with it. The quality of the products is just so amazing. The order process is very easy as well. There is really nothing more that you could ask for!”

"I have been invited to the wedding of my boyfriend’s sister and I am panicking! You see, I am not the dressy type of lady. I love wearing a shirt, pair of jeans, sneakers and I am good to go! So my dilemma is I have no clothes to wear for such events. My friends helped me search some online shops and we came across Stylewe. My friends were amazed at the evening dress selection that they have. They keep on saying ooooh and aaaahhh as they were browsing the selection. They helped me to put up a good outfit that my boyfriend’s family will love. Stylewe is my savior!”

“I was browsing their product list and I didn’t notice that my seven-year-old girl is looking at the screen too. When I came across the page of Just Star, my little girl screamed in delight. She was amazed and fell in love with the designs and styles of the bags. She keeps on asking if I can buy the Apricot Casual small handle bag for her. I wanted to say no at first but then I realized that I can use it too. So we bought it. She was so excited to receive the package and she keeps on thanking me the whole day.”

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Printed Floral Maxi Dresses To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Women love wearing maxi dresses especially those printed floral maxi dresses. They are in fashion since the 60s and are not going anywhere anytime soon. They are beautiful, elegant and make you look very feminine without putting any effort. If you are having a lazy day and don't want to spend hours deciding what to wear in front of your wardrobe, we have a simple solution for you, just don a maxi dress. Your problem is solved. These ankle length dresses made of breathable, light material fabrics and hence is comfortable to wear.

You wonder what bigger fad about these maxi dresses is. It is the variety of designs available in the maxi dress, which makes it different from rest of the clothes. Some of the most popular designs are the printed floral maxi dresses. These dresses with the print of flowers seem to announce the arrival of spring.You can wear them in summer too and glow as bright as the sun.

There are many reasons why we love wearing maxi dresses. Looking pretty is just one of them. We have summed up few reasons why girls love these dresses:

1.Comfortable quotient – The floral maxi dresses are probably the most comfortable clothing ever hit in the fashion industry when it comes to women's clothing. Who wants to wear tight, uncomfortable jeans when you can look as chic, possibly more chic, by wearing these light maxi dresses?

2.Effortlessly stylish - These dresses are incredibly stylish, and you do not even have to put any efforts into them. Just pair them up with a cute scarf, stylish pair of boots or sandals and get ready to rule the world. In winters, you can layer it up with a denim jacket or a blazer, and that's it. No extra effort needed. You don't have to spend hours in front your mirror wondering what to do next to look super stylish. You just bought yourself the right dress for that oomph factor.

3.Affordable - Maxi dresses are not only comfortable and stylish but also extremely affordable. Hence, you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to look your best. With the price of clothes skyrocketing these days, this surely comes as a relief for women.

4.Perfect for every occasion - Yes, you can wear your maxi dress for every occasion and do not have to wonder whether overdressed or underdressed. They go for almost every function be it a wedding, college function, prom, date or even visiting your pet store. Got college to attend? Wear a denim jacket to go with your dress. Have a date you were eagerly waiting to happen? Wear a beautiful necklace to look more stunning.

5.Classy - The floral maxi dresses look classy. No wonder, they have been around for so long. If you are a girly girl and like to look your best every day, these dresses are made for you. You can also wear a high belt with your dress to make your legs look longer.

6.No shaving of legs - When you are lazy, even shaving of legs can be a big deal. While wearing maxi dresses, you do not have to worry about that. You can wear them, enjoy your no shave month, and still look incredibly cute.


With so many reasons to wear floral maxi dresses, we bet you cannot afford not to buy new maxi dresses. These dresses are a dream comes true for every girl out there. It is affordable, classy, lovely and yet comfortable. Therefore, now you can finally go and buy that new maxi dress you have been eyeing for days and get ready to rule the world.  Be a cheerful lady and radiate your fragrance of beauty.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

StyleWe Reviews - The Together Act

The followings are reviews from StyleWe customers:

“I have ordered from this website many times already and I am extremely satisfied with their service every time. That is why I decided to make this review. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for high-quality products and want to enjoy the most hassle-free buying experience he can ever have.”

“I love how efficient and hassle-free ordering process of this site is. More than that, I highly appreciate that their photos are quite accurate because the products that I have received looks exactly like the ones in their photos.”

 “Just when I thought that I can never find a shopping website that I can trust, my friend recommended me this site. I tried making a purchasing because she kept on insisting that I try it but I am glad that I did make the purchase. The quality of the products, the fast shipping, and the neat packaging are just some of the few things that I love about this site.”

“I was looking for a unique handbag that will complement my extremely unique outfit for my sister’s first fashion show. Well, this website never fails to provide me what I need. Their cowhide leather bag from Doncel has the most stylish and intricate handle that I instantly fell in love with.”

“After I gave birth to my second child, it was hard for me to find clothes that would look structured but will also hide my unwanted fats. I was already getting too depressed when I decided to check out this shopping website. Lo and behold! They offer a wide array of jumpsuits that fit me perfectly well.”

“I love love love jumpsuits! They are the most comfortable thing to wear and I love how they make you look all glammed up without looking like you are placing in too much effort. My most favorite jumpsuit is lace paneled jumpsuit from Tootang. It is just so elegant and very affordable!”

“ I was looking for clothing pieces that I can bring for my Korean trip last winter and I got giddy upon seeing this orange leather jacket from Moffi. I love how colorful it is without looking tacky. When I got it, I was even more amazed at the quality of leather that it has.”

“I bought a dress from StyleWe but I wasn’t sure about which size to get. When I received the package, I, unfortunately, chose a size bigger. I was brokenhearted but it was my fault. Luckily, I was able to check out their Returns and Exchanges page and I decided to give it a try. I was very surprised as to how fast and easy the transaction is. I was really lucky that they have a stock of the dress in my size.  Within a week, I was able to get the replacement item and it fits me perfectly well! I would definitely buy from this website again!”

“Before, I love shopping online but that was until I became a victim of identity theft. After fixing that issue, I vowed that I will never buy anything online ever again. However, I cannot resist the temptation of buying from this site because their products are stylish and edgy. So I decided to break my vow and I bought the bag that I fell in love with. I love how I can trace the status of my payment. I also love the fact that the company will not get access to my credit card and personal information. I felt secured transacting with the company. I highly recommend this shopping site!”

“The security of my personal and credit card information is a big issue for me so I was afraid of making a purchase online. But since this site offers the most extensive selection of dresses, tops, and handbags, I considered buying from it. To be sure, I decided to read their privacy policy which explains the efforts that the company exerts in keeping my information as secure as possible. That has me convinced and I decided to give it a try. Well, I have already bought two dresses, a handbag, three tops and a jumpsuit from the site (total of five transactions) and I am still not a victim of identity theft. Thanks for sticking to your privacy policy!”

Sunday, June 5, 2016

StyleWe Reviews - Fashion TV Collection

Fashion TV Collection 

The followings are reviews from StyleWe customers:

“Stylewe has a variation of plaid tops in their store. I always seem to see them on the racks! And that’s a good thing because they are AMAZING. So stylish and classic :).”

“A good cut and a great fit! The singlet style top made with a silky type fabric 
is prefect fit with a blazer and leggings! oh and heels!!!”

“Dear Stylewe: WOW! I'm so impressed with how you run your company. Your quick communications to my order (sleeveless red chiffon printed maxi dress) process has been incredible...THANK YOU. Trust me I will soon be back. I just can wait to buy another one with a different color.”

“I am in love with their Blue Ruched Stripes Straped One-Piece swimmer suit. It gives me a hot and sexy look within my price. To be very honest, I didn’t believe the materials at first and the designer is unknown to me. But, they cleared all my confusion and everything they said about the suit came true. That’s quite rare today. Great job!”

“I faced an unusual problem with my midi skirts. That was a bit short for me. Then I asked them if there’s any option exactly fit my length. They were like took a moment and told me the next shipping time. You can never expect such a friendly behavior especially when you are exchanging or returning something.”

“I don’t like going markets or stores for my shopping. So my experience is full of online shopping. But this is the first time I am writing an appreciative letter to you. I cannot be happier with everything, fast shipment process, friendly attitude of the staffs and quality. I had to buy that amazing turtle neck blouse for my wardrobe. You got some genius working for you. Good luck.”

“Hi, just wanted to thank you for the lovely button code outwear that you sent me on time. I was VERY skeptical about ordering a dress from online but I am very satisfied with the outcome and it arrived in almost no time. I just need to adjust the body a little. Thanks again.”

“I was at a loss for what to wear for my prom and then I saw your pink swing evening dress. I needed this dress as soon as possible and I called their customer services with lots of questions. Every time there was someone available with detail information in a very supportive manner. I wanted to make sure of everything like the size and color as I had no time to exchange. When I got my dress within three days of my order, I just couldn’t thank them enough for that wonderful dress that made my prom so memorable. THANK YOU.”

“Last month I ordered a shoulder bag and it was a bit long for me as I am a short girl. I was thinking of exchanging that with a shorter one, but wondering if they refused to do that. I called the customer services and things got easier for me with their friendly behavior and special exchange offers. They even said sorry though it was entirely my fault of ordering wrong size. My friend bought the same bag with a double price. I felt confidant about my shopping sense and recommended them this site. Just love’em.”

“I ordered a blazer for my work. I needed an extremely trendy look that will add a level of impression, not an average looking blazer with cheap material. I can just be thankful to this site for meeting all my expectations in the right order. Perfect time of delivery, excellent service through the whole process, reasonable price; return options, available colors and sizes-- what a perfect package of shopping! I cannot wait to order so many things I have listed to buy from this site. I would totally recommend this site for a safe shopping. Online shopping just got easier to me with this site for an excellent service with honesty in every word.”