Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Clothes You Wear Affects Your Mood - Effects of Color

Many people are not well versed about colors, especially in relation to clothing. There are many experts who have studied and experimented on what effects color has on your mood, clothing, and general character. While the findings are well researched, it should be noted that color enhances or emphasizes a trait, a feature or a feeling and does not create one. This is why the experts will repeat time and again that for you in your inner peace and understanding for you to really enjoy the true effects of color.

Different colors are generally associated with certain traits or people. While it’s okay for a man to wear a red shirt, he should not wear the same when going for a date. On the other hand, a lady should look for a red colored outfit to don when going for a fancy date. Here are the many meanings of color out there.

This color is harmonious and helps you be relaxed and at peace. When you have a stressful or tumultuous day, green is the color to wear. People around you have a tendency to understand you better when you are in green. Color experts also stress that green color is peaceful and less strenuous to the eye. You should use green for your desktop.

For stimulation and enthusiasm, orange is the color to go for. As many experts say, orange brings red’s passion as well as yellow’s passion. They further say that orange helps increase oxygen supply to the brain and consequently helps improve brain activity and one’s productivity. Orange is also associated with greater enthusiasm and improved self-esteem.

Intense, passion, war and aggression are just some of the terms associated with this color. Many experts advise women to wear this color when going for a date. The date’s heart will be racing while at the same time make the lady look passionate.

Gray has been associated with passiveness, lack of energy and being uninvolved. This, therefore, means that gray is not a color to wear to work. However, you can neutralize the passiveness of the gray attire by wearing a bright colored garment to complement the gray one.

Studies have shown that people who tend to wear yellow a lot are often optimistic. It is the color of hope. Wearing yellow will also enhance your happiness and also in your making of clear-headed decisions.

Studies conducted on playing hockey teams established that those teams that wore black jerseys while playing tended to be more aggressive than when they wore other clothes. In order to counter this effect, National Hockey League of America changed the rules in 2003 so that home teams can play in white.

The color you choose to wear matters a great deal as it has been shown over the years. While a productive person will be productive whether they wear a gray suit or a yellow one, it is nevertheless important that wise choice of color be made. Your true personality and even happiness are most likely to be emphasized when you wear the right color.

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