Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Stylewe Reviews - Styling a Dress 3 Ways

The followings are reviews from StyleWe Customers:

“Stylewe finally has an app! I love it! I love that I can just simply use it to browse and shop while I am on my ride home. It makes shopping really easy. Oh, and thanks for the 20% discount too. I love love love it!”

“This is the first time that I will shop at Stylewe and I was surprised to receive a 10% discount coupon upon signing up! I will surely come back for more!”

“It is my first time to attend a rave party and I have no idea what I should wear. My friends told me that I can pick anything punky. At that time, my budget is running low so I am hoping that there will be something that will fit within my budget. Thanks to Stylewe’s flash sale, I was able to put up my outfit and I even won the Star of the Night!”

“I love how artistic and stylish the designers that Stylewe is in partnership with. They give so many varieties to the product selection. In addition to that, I love how the site keeps on adding and recruiting more designers for their site. The selection just keeps on getting better and better.”

“I love all things fun and flirty so you can just imagine how happy I am when I came across Just Star’s collection on the site. The bags look just like the bags I used to bring to school when I was little girl. The only difference is they are a lot more stylish!”

“I was planning my trip to Korea last December and I realized that I have no winter clothing pieces that will make me look like a rock star. Since I am a big fan of Kpop, I would like to take the opportunity to have an excuse to wear something flashy (because it is really not my style). Their black biker jacket from WFST is just what I needed!”

“I have gotten quite fat so I need a wardrobe makeover. I visited Stylewe and was amazed at the beautiful selection of clothes that they have for their clients. I went crazy buying dresses and some office attire. Before I knew it, I already have 10 pieces of clothes in my shopping cart. Lucky for me, all of the clothes are reasonably priced.”

“I am an avid fan of shopping online. It is quick. It is easy and I can just simply squeeze it in my very hectic schedule. My work schedule is jam packed so I have no time to visit the mall and look for new clothes. That is why I just usually visit different shopping sites to satisfy my shopping cravings. It was just recently that I tried out this site and man, oh, man! I am already in love with it. The quality of the products is just so amazing. The order process is very easy as well. There is really nothing more that you could ask for!”

"I have been invited to the wedding of my boyfriend’s sister and I am panicking! You see, I am not the dressy type of lady. I love wearing a shirt, pair of jeans, sneakers and I am good to go! So my dilemma is I have no clothes to wear for such events. My friends helped me search some online shops and we came across Stylewe. My friends were amazed at the evening dress selection that they have. They keep on saying ooooh and aaaahhh as they were browsing the selection. They helped me to put up a good outfit that my boyfriend’s family will love. Stylewe is my savior!”

“I was browsing their product list and I didn’t notice that my seven-year-old girl is looking at the screen too. When I came across the page of Just Star, my little girl screamed in delight. She was amazed and fell in love with the designs and styles of the bags. She keeps on asking if I can buy the Apricot Casual small handle bag for her. I wanted to say no at first but then I realized that I can use it too. So we bought it. She was so excited to receive the package and she keeps on thanking me the whole day.”

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